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always ends horribly. that is on friday. until then, from new york. until then, from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: i'm bret baier. fox news alert. we have a first look tonight at the house republican plan of attack for the november elections. this comes ahead of thursday's official roll out. the plan called a pledge to america is divided in five policy areas. economy, government spending, healthcare, government reform and national security. some of the highlights for the economy stop what republicans call job-killing tax hike, rein in government red tape. vow to end government control of fannie and freddie. cancellation of all unspent stimulus money. rollback of spending to prestimulus and bail-out levels. hard cap on discretionary
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spending and weekly votes on spending cuts. for healthcare, repeal and replace the healthcare law. substituting medical liability reform legislation. make permanent a law banning federal money for abortion services. in the government reform section, rule mandating a three-day waiting period, 72 hours before vote on legislation. clause in each bill demonstrating the constitutionality. timely, a national security requirement that troop funding bill be free of extraneous issues, imposition of sanctions against iran unless certain conditions are fully met and fully securing the u.s. borders. get analysis on this from fox news political editor, digital. chris, first, what jumps out at you from all of this? >> the first thing you notice here are what is not here. what is not here is the emphasis on social issue, that you saw from republican,
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especially in the 2006 and majority years that you saw a lot of talk by social issues. this is emphatically on fiscal policy, emphatically on economy. that's where they are. >> bret: mike pence in the value voter summit last week, said he was, he wanted to see the values issues in here. he lost the battle in the republican fight. >> we know the negotiations on the document were ongoing through the week and congressman pence pushed hard for stronger focus on social issues. we know he got a lot of pushback from senior members of the party saying this is not the time and that's not what we want to talk about. we have hints basically that indicate it might be broken up over the issue. john boehner found a way to patch over the differences and get them over the finish line. >> bret: we had highlights.
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20-page document. we'll talk about more of it with the panel. the democrats are weighing in saying congressional republicans are pledging to shift jobs overseas, blow a $700 billion hole in the deficit to give the tax cuts to millionaire and billionaire. turn social security from a guaranteed benefit to a girn teed gam -- guaranteed gamble. subject american families to the recklessness of wall street and take away patient's rights, from a spokesperson from house speaker pelosi. what about this and how it plays on the campaign trail? quickly. >> that is exactly what republicans are hoping for here. democrats have had the serve for a long time. put agenda out there and republicans said no. what this represents in a real way are republicans taking a risk, because there are many in the party. another fight beyond the social versus economic issues. another fight was do we say anything at all? that is what the democrats were debating. should we let them stumble on or take a risk and say what
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we think? they chose to take a chance. >> bret: chris, as always. thank you. much more about this with the panel later on. you can get this kind of political information by the way, plus what is at stake in the mid-term elections. chris's daily newsletter. download the election headquarters app. with six weeks to go until election day, closer than expected governor's race in new york. the latest quinnipiac poll has paladino of six points of cuomo. 49 to 43. today, independent new york city mayor michael bloomberg threw his support behind cuomo. florida republican senate candidate marco rubio say voter do not necessarily want experts in the senate. politico reports a conservative women's group asked rubio about a lack of experience by delaware republican candidate christine o'donnell. his response was, "the republic works and isn't designed to elect a bunch of experts." white house sources tell fox news chief of staff rahm emanuel could leave as early
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as next month. he is said to be interested in running for mayor of chicago. we're told that pete rouse is likely to take over on interim basis if emanuel leaves. white house split over a war it does not want. and a president pulled in multiple directions by the military, public his and own party, that is part of the picture painted by a new book by journalist bob woodward. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has experts and reaction from the administration. >> reporter: the new book is as much about the national security team and jern as it is about afghanistan. in it, he reportedly suggests even though he signed off on a 30,000 troop surge, his calculations about how long they stay is based on politics. telling his defense secretary robert gates and secretary of state hillary clinton, "i'm not doing ten years.
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i'm not doing long-term nation building. i'm not spending a trillion dollars. i have two years with the public on this. i want an exit strategy. i can't leave the whole democratic party. some of the quotes from his national security team are as incendiary as alleged quotes in "rolling stone" magazine that got mcchrystal fired. the top commander in afghanistan, david petraeus reportedly describes axelrod as a complete spin doctor. national security advisor jim jones reportedly calls president obama political aides alternative the water bugs, the mafia or the campaign set. top members of his own national security team are quoted saying that 30,000 troop surge was a mistake. the president coordinator calls it a gamble.
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ambassador richard holbrook says it can't work. but petraeus said i don't think you win this war. this is the kind of fight we're in for the rest of our lives and probably our kid' lives. the book reveals that the c.i.a. is running a 3,000-strong force to hunt top al-qaeda and taliban leaders but a senior military official says the group never yielded much. some comments undermine the diplomacy with cable, such as those -- kabul, such as those attributed to john ikenberry about hamid karzai who he describes as manic depressive. "he is on his meds, he's off his meds." the white house sounded pleased with the way the president comes across in the book saying he's portrayed as analytical, strategic and decisive, but still begging the question why did he authorize more troops to afghanistan and then order that they begin withdrawing next july? the answer has to do with politics. bret? >> bret: more on this with
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the panel as well. jennifer, thank you. thursday marks a half-year since president obama signed the healthcare reform bill in law. but the exuberance of last march has been replaced by skepticism from the public and trepidation from the president's fellow democrats. mike emanuel on the low-key event. >> reporter: in a suburban backyard, president obama marked the six-month anniversary of healthcare reform. the president was surrounded by 20 people who believe healthcare reform is a good thing. although there was a moment of confusion. >> part of the affordable care act that we could implement right now and would take effect -- is it today or tomorrow? tomorrow. see, francis knows. >> reporter: there was an effort to personalize the law including a woman with non-hodgkins li s lymphoma and
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still has her insurance. >> it wasn't that what will i do, i have cancer but how will i pay for the bills coming our way? >> reporter: it's contrast from six months ago when healthcare was celebrated with great fanfare and joe biden offered this assessment in front of an open mic. but now, critics say unlike the people at the president's event, most americans have yet to see any benefit from this law. >> the fact is that the average person doesn't identify with that kind of setting. very few people experienced much of anything at all positive from this health reform. they're not going to for years to come. six months later, many democrats up for re-election are not mentioning healthcare as part of the campaign pitch. with recent polls suggesting that the issue is fifth behind the economy, jobs, federal spending and corruption with voters. today, member of the g.o.p.
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doctor's caucus in the house promised to work after the election on repealing the law and say the democrats oversold the bill. >> they didn't mean it when they said they would bring down costs. the costs are going up. i don't think it's any surprise that democrats aren't running on this bill. >> we are not running away from it. we are talking to people and saying loud and clear, this is no picnic mr. president. this is no picnic. >> earlier, the president took blame for healthcare reform not being popular. mr. obama said sometimes he faults himself for not being able to make the case more clearly to the country. >> bret: mike emanuel traveling with the president in new york. bringing to us the feature text to vote poll. every political analyst and democratic lawmaker will tell you that democrats will take losses this election cycle. how many? here is the question for you. what could be the top pitfall for democrats in the
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mid-term? text your answer to 36288. sr1 for economy. sr2 for healthcare. sr3 for the tea party. sr4 for other. we will bring you the results at the end of the program. still ahead, is the administration adopting a backdoor amnesty program for illegal immigrants?
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>> bret: senate republicans are calling out the homeland security secretary for establishment of what they call a backdoor about necessity program for illegal immigrants. molly henneberg reports secretary janet napolitano is not backing down. >> reporter: department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano says it's the "right policy" to focus primarily on deporting criminal immigrants, rather than illegals deemed not to be a threat to society.
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>> those who committed violent crimes or felony fugitives or gang members. removal of those are at record number. >> i.c.e. agency supported more convicted illegal this year than last. look at the non-criminals reported. dropped off by 54,000. and some republicans are questioning why illegals without criminal history seem to get a pass. >> they're either here illegally or not. if they're here illegally, are they supposed to be detained or not? >> it depends on the availability, frankly. the seriousness of the offender and availability of bed space. >> it comes after a series of publicized memos on proposed strategies. just grafts, including one from i.c.e. suggesting that the immigration officers should not detain, "an alien charged only with a traffic-related misdemeanor unless or until the alien is
6:16 pm
convicted presents a danger to national security or genuine risk to public safety. secretary napolitano said it's guidance allowing immigration officers to focus on most dangerous illegals. in a new letter to secretary napolitano, seven g.o.p. senators on the senate judiciary committee overseeing the law says they see a pattern that the administration is, "dramatically narrowing the efforts to remove whole classes of illegal immigrants." >> this whole set-up is an effort to backdoor congress and do things in a secretive way just to see what you can get away with. that is not way the federal government should operate. >> spokesman the department of federal security is not enganled in backdoor amnesty and on pace to put more people on immigration proceeding this year than before. >> bret: thank you. you may be on the hook soon for another government
6:17 pm
bail-out. this time it could be the federal housing administration. fox business network correspondent peter barnes has details. good evening, peter. >> good evening. taxpayers have pumped $150 billion in to fannie and freddie. last year, independent actuary declared a shortfall of $10 billion in the f.h.a. capital fund. update is coming in november. meantime, the agency is tightening lending standards, and raising charges. the f.h.a. chief told congress that is helping avoid a bail-out for now. to what extent if any f.h.a. would look for a bail-out in the future? >> at this point, based on the reserves of f.h.a., it's running on its own, it's financially sound and below minimal capital requirements and we need to increase capital. we'll know more when the actuarial study is complete. >> can i take that as a
6:18 pm
tentative no? >> thank you, mr. carn. >> the f.h.a. ensures nearly $900 billion in mortgages, more than half a million of them, bret, are now in default. >> bret: that smile was not comforting, peter. thank you. stocks were down today. dow fell 22. the s&p 500 lost 5-1/2. a government watchdog says the obama administration is lying about the black panther case. we'll explain. the president tells a u.n. meeting the u.s. is changing the way it does business. we will tell you what he is talking about. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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>> bret: in woodward's new
6:22 pm
book he talks about the barrage of terrorist threats and difficulty dealing with it. today, change in landscape of war on terror was focus of a meeting and catherine herridge reports on what we learned. >> reporter: one of the nation top counterterrorism official says the threat metastasized. >> the threat has grown, far more complex and underscores the challenges of identifying and countering diverse array to homeland. >> digital jihadist use internet to spread the extreme message. u.s. born and educate head's plotting from his base in yemen. al-awlaki is linked to the shooting at fort hood, attempted christmas day bombing and the failed car bombing in times square. >> many citizens, anwar al-awlaki, who played a significant role in the attempted airliner attack over detroit. continues to be a key concern given his familiarity with the west.
6:23 pm
>> western recruits are drawn to his message. >> homegrown extremists are harder to detect and able to connect with extremists. they're more operationally capable than what we've previously seen. >> senators were told the al-qaeda affiliate in somalia is also an emerging threat. the group is actively recruiting americans of soma somali descent. the double suicide bombing in uganda in the world cup may be the first red flag. with a more diverse threat and at least two near-misses, christmas day and times square where the bomb scared they warned perfect security is up realic. >> impossible to garp tee there will -- guarantee there will be another attack. we can't put the country under a glass stone. >> administration said terrorists only need to be right once, the bob bloodward book suggests the obama administration is using a
6:24 pm
different tone. saying, "we can absorb a terrorist attack. we will do everything we can to prevent it. but even 9/11, the biggest attack ever we absorbed it and we are stronger." another sign that al-qaeda in yemen is strengthening 24 suspected terrorists were arrested after two-day operation in the southern province where the american cleric and operational planner anwar al-awlaki is believed to be hiding with the help of family and tribal ties. still no confirmation tonight that al-awlaki was in this group. bret? >> bret: thank you. a panel working for the united nations human rights council says israeli forces violated international law during and after a raid on gaza bound aid flotilla in may. eight turkish activists and american were killed. israel insisted the soldiers acted in self-defense. israeli police forces stormed a jerusalem holy site today to stop palestinian rioters throwing stones at jewish
6:25 pm
worshippers. the u.s. and the allies again calling on iran to come to the table to discuss the nuclear efforts. representatives met as the united nations concludes the development conference with a new pledge from president obama about an old problem. senior correspondent eric shawn has details. they want to cut it by half in five years. they complete the millennium set-up, president obama unveiled new effort to help poor countries economically. >> today i'm announcing the new u.s. global development policy. the first of its kind by an american administration. it's rooted in america's enduring commitment to the dignity, and potential of every human being. there were protests against mahmoud ahmadinejad, his government suffered a
6:26 pm
setback. russia citing the u.s. sanctions canceled sale of surface to air missile system what iran could have used to defend the nuclear facilities from a military strike. as the five permanent members of the security council plus germany met to discuss the iranian program, the message to iranian diplomats here was clear. >> now is the time for iran to engage in a real dialogue. actual constructive negotiation about its whole nuclear program. >> i believe that it's time for sanctions, but it will end in relatively short time. >> israeli defense minister barak told fox news the sanctions should continue for now but he also said the measures against tehran need to be tougher. >> we have to expect that iran will turn nuclear. there is a need for more determined action or steps than those that were taken in the past. >> senior administration
6:27 pm
official today said the sanctions have hurt tehran. and the five members of the security council plus germany have offered those new talks. but sources say tonight that a meeting between the iranian foreign minister and the british counterpart resulted not in a meeting of the minds. nevertheless, u.s. official says we are committed to a diplomatic resolution, but did add it remains to be seen if the iranians are. >> bret: eric shawn, thank you. don't forget about the text to vote poll. here is the question. what could be the top pitfall for democrats in mid-term elections? text your answer to 36288. sr1 for economy. sr2 for healthcare. sr3 for tea party. sr4 for other. we'll have results later. the grapevine is next. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. delaware democratic senate candidate chris coons is getting dogged by comments made by harry reid who called coons his pet. coons parked today, "i'm no one's pet. that was an unfortunate choice of words by senator reid." ohio democratic party chairman chris redfern says he didn't realize cameras were rolling when he used the "f" word to describe political opponents.
6:32 pm
local tv reporter says he was speaking of those in the party saming he believed thought healthcare was a privilege, not a right. he said every time one of the expleti expletives says -- excuse my language. he said i was speaking to 40 grizzled steelworkers. alaska senator lisa murkowski admits it will tough to mount a write-in campaign after losing the g.o.p. primary but says she is determined to educate voters on how to spell her name. she might start with her own campaign staff. cbs reports an online ad directing folks to her website misspelled "murkowski." the misspelled domain name belongs to anti-murkowski website. another spelling oops by the georgia department of transportation. sign read csa army of tennessee highway. however, both tennessee and highway were misspelled.
6:33 pm
the spokesman said there was no excuse for that error. finally, a billboard in indiana praising public schools got attention for all the wrong reasons. local media report a company that does work for the city of south bend left out the "l" in a dinal tall billboard -- digital billboard that was supposed to read 15 best things about our public schools. they apologized for the unfortunate result and took responsibility. government watchdog group said it caught obama administration in a lie. correspondent shannon bream reports on latest development of accusation of voter intimidation in 2008. >> there are new allegations that the administration political appointees within the department of justice stepped in to head off the majority of charge against black panthers party mens accused of intimidating voters in 2008. claim justice officials repeatedly denied. >> was there any political
6:34 pm
leadership involved in the decision not to pursue this particular case any further than it was? >> the decisions were made by loretta king in consultation with rosenbalm, acting deputy assistant attorney general. >> testimony some argue could get aanalysis at no time attorney general thomas rerz -- assistant attorney general thomas perez in trouble. >> if that's true he may have a problem because he committed perjury. >> political watch sued the department for documents related to the case. they got log of e-mail, communication traffic, but not the content of the messages themselves. it shows a flurry of messages between key political appointees in the time significant decisions about the black panthers' case were being finalized. in a statement released today, they said the career attorney in the civil rights division made decision
6:35 pm
regarding the disposition of the case. the career attorneys breach leadership office about their decision-making and provided answers to relative questions. former d.o.j. officials say it would be highly unlikely the top political appointees wouldn't be involved in a decision of this magnitude. >> something that the political leadership would want to be aware of and something that the department leadership in all likelihood would want the white house to be aware of as well, given the spotlight on the case. the newly released documents seem to raise more questions than they answer. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: pastor of one of the nation's best known black megachurches is accused of having sexual relationships with teenage boys. bishop eddie long is the subject of three lawsuits filed this week. his 25,000-member church has hosted four former u.s. presidents.
6:36 pm
long denies the allegations. house republicans are laying out their plan of attack for november. we'll see what the fox all-stars think of them when we come back. [ female announcer ] there are endless reasons to get together
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republicans have discussed coming forward with our plans for the future. over the course of the next three months we'll continue to work the american people, work with those who are interested. in terms of developing what that is. we don't know what it's going to be. not at this point. but when we do, we'll make sure that you are aware of it. >> bret: that was the house minority leader boehner a few months ago. now they know. here it is. a 21-page document, called "pledge to america." circulated at this hour to republican lawmakers. here is part of the preamble,
6:40 pm
regarding the policies of the current government, the governed do not concept. arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed relite makes decisions, issues mandates of laws without accepting or requesting the input of many. there are many specifics in the 21-page document. we went through them at the top of the show. you can read the write-up of the document on let's talk about it with the panel. stephen hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." mort kondracke, from roll call. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, what jumps out at you from reading the pledge to america? >> the fact it's specific and lengthy. almost say it's exhaustive. in a way it's bold and aggressive. look, i take a backseat to no one with my cynicism about these things. in a sense, political gimmick and it will help republicans get elected. i get that. so was the contract with america. if you look back at the contract, even five or six
6:41 pm
years after the contract was passed, 95 of the programs either scrutinized or eliminated increased in the budget by 10 or 15%. reasons to be skeptical. promises coming out of washington. having said that, this is an impressive document. it is specific about spending levels. turning back tarp, returning to prestimulus levels. repealing healthcare. there are a lot of specifics in here. i think a lot of things for people to like. >> bret: mort, the plan will be rolled out tomorrow. at a hardware store in suburban virginia, as the g.o.p. leaders talk about the specifics. what about this? >> everybody wants to be twith the folks, which is okay. the biggest thing that the document does not address is the fact that the national debt is now 100% of g.d.p. and rising. right? so they start talking about how they are going to cut spending. $100 billion, in the first year out of a deficit that is now $1.5 trillion.
6:42 pm
they are talking about cutting, freezing discretionary spending and discretionary spending represents 32% of the federal budget. 58% of the federal budget is mandatory. that is entitlement. that is medicare, social security, not a word, not a word about doing that. furthermore, they are going to extent all of the bush tax cuts. permanently. now they do not deal with how they are going to fill the hole. if they say well, we'll take in more revenue, you have to show it. i don't think the math adds up. >> bret: charles? >> mort is dismayed that republicans aren't suicidely promising entitlement with a month to go before election day. i'm not surprised. democrats who were in charge haven't proposed that either. all of it or punted in december on the deficit commission. look, if i were a republican strategist, i probably wouldn't have issued any of this. if you are in an election
6:43 pm
where the other side brought the country ideologically to a point it does not want to go against tremendous popular resistance on healthcare and others, i would allow the other guys to carry all that agenda in election and defend it and stand on the sidelines and say you know, that will be quite enough. however, if you decide you want a program like this, this i think is to okay. it doesn't quite have the bite of gingrich's idea of what was it 20 years ago. but i think it has enough specific, cutting taxes for business, returning the unspent stimulus money to the treasury and the repeal of obama care with the institution of really -- tort reform, the one element that is completely left out of the democratic health reform scandalously so. so as it goes, i think it's fairly circumscribed.
6:44 pm
i don't think it will hurt a lot. it does give the democrats ammunition in a place i wouldn't have given them any. >> bret: repeal and replace healthcare, steve, is what it says. this is on the sixth month anniversary if you will of when the president signed the health bill in law. the president going to the backyard in fairfax, virginia, to talk to health about healthcare reform. purchasing health insurance across state lines, expend health savings account. extent access for those with preexisting conditions. banning taxpayer funding for abortion. some specifics in healthcare portion. >> behind the scenes there was a debate among the leadership in the house, how specific to be and whether to go beyond just talk about the jobs and the economy. ultimately, as you say, there was a decision made to be broader and have a broad statement about a governing philosophy. there is in the forward a discussion of returning to constitutionm limits on
6:45 pm
government. to pick up on what mort said, i don't think it's necessary, as much as i would have liked it, not necessary or wise to engage in a specific discussion about entitlement in this kind of a document. that said, conservatives are the ones out making specific proposals on entitlement reform. mitch daniels and paul ryan. this is where the ideas are coming from. you can't say that the conservatives aren't the ones who are willing to take risks on entitlement reform because it's not in this rather exhaustive document. >> republican party does not have the courage of paul ryan. they are not willing to privatize social security or say they will. they are not willing to voucherize medicare. they're not going to do it. >> but barack obama is sitting in the white house. he won't even talk about these things. >> not liberal policy. >> bret: 1994, back then, president clinton went around the country saying the contract with america was a contract on america.
6:46 pm
it backfired. america obviously had a wave election for republicans. what democrats are doing about this pledge to america, is there a danger there? >> well, i mean they are going to attack it obviously. you know, i don't think that, i think this election is baked, frankly. i have don't think that anything that obama says about healthcare or the republicans say about what they are going to do is going to change it at all. this will be a wave election. the republicans are going to score big victories, because unemployment rate is 9.6. people are mad. >> bret: last word. >> if i'm a republican and ahead i don't go long. >> bret: read details on foxnews col com. log on the home page there, as well. "special report." get ready for tonight's online show beginning after this show at 7:00 eastern. up next, bob woodward's new book on obama's wars. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food.
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>> bret: bob woodward's new book is coming out "obama's wars" and the excerpts are causing a stir in washington, d.c. it shows in part internal division in the obama administration, over the way forward in afghanistan. about that, here is one quote from president obama. i'm not doing ten years about the war. i'm not doing long-term nation building and not spending a trillion dollars. i have two years with the public on this. i can't lose the whole democratic party. about a possible terror attack, the president is quoted as saying this: "we can absorb a terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can to prevent it. even a 9/11, biggest attack
6:51 pm
ever, we absorbed it and are stronger." what about the book and fall-out in washington? the panel, charles? >> the most troubling aspect of the obama surge in afghanistan, ever since the speech in december when he announced it was the uncertain trumpet you heard when he talked about withdrawal. everything since i think has supported the suspicion that the heart was not in the war. even though the rhetoric is how it is in the supreme interest of the united states. that we succeed in the war. now we have shocking evidence, shocking evidence that our suspicion, our skepticism about it, his heart is in the war is in the excerpts. i'm not talking about the calling of names or in fighting but what we just heard. this is a president that says of the generals i want exit strategy. i don't want a success strategy. i want an exit strategy.
6:52 pm
he said it in two years and said i can't lose the democratic party. he's the leader of that party. he is the man who is going to lead it and us to new frontiers. this party in two presidential elections argued strongly that the war in afghanistan was a good war. the important war, the central war and the war on terror and now it seems as if all of that was a force, insincere and disingenuous. it shows if you are an ally who is helping us, you will think he will change sides or leave afghanistan. this is demoralizing and the enemy will be greatly heartened when it looks at the quotes and hear what is is really in the heart of the president. it's no longer inference. it's his own quotation. >> bret: mort, white house is
6:53 pm
trying to spin it as public relations winner showing the president as decisive with a broad view of history, national security and his role. >> i share charles' december may at the fact that this guy -- dismay at the fact that he said in the 2008 campaign that afghanistan was the good war and that we had to win it. it was in our vital national security interest that we drive out the taliban and deal with al-qaeda. then he gets in, in the first debate and all he wants is an exit strategy. the good news is he hasn't exited. not only did he raise, increase the troop levels by 30,000 in 2009, but he raised them again another 30,000 in 2010. and appointed david petraeus as commander there. when he said that he is going to leave in july of next year, everybody has been -- this is still a big mystery whether it will really happen. but the noises that are coming out tend to indicate that that is subject to
6:54 pm
conditions and the conditions aren't getting any better so we're going to stay. >> bret: steve, charles says there is infighting in every administration and there is. some of the words used national security advisor general jim jones talking about obama's aides calls them the waterbugs, the pilot bureau, the mafia, the campaign set. general petraeus talking about david axelrod, senior advisor calls him a complete spin doctor. interesting phrasing in this book. >> consistent with what i've heard from people in the administration and outside of it. but i mean, i do think it's the substantive stuff that is really so deeply disturbing when it comes out this way. i remember when we were here on december 12009, talking about the speech and wanting to be with the president, support the president because he was using the language, doing everything short of saying we need to win in afghanistan. he talked about how vital it was to u.s. national security interest and interest of the
6:55 pm
globe that we do well there, that we banish al-qaeda and not allow them to set up a safe haven there. and at the same time, of course, he sets the deadline, which made me think at the time and others, is he in it to win it? i think now bob woodward tells us what we've known in some ways for the better part of a year. he's not! this was a decision driven by politics. we heard that from bruce rydell conducting the afghanistan review policy when he told it to the "new york times" shortly after the new year. we heard it consistently and anonymously since then. now we hear it from the aides on the record in some cases and it seems that we are hearing it from the president itself. shocking book. >> bret: bob wadboard strikes again. thank you. stay tuned for classic bad news, good news situation. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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>> bret: time to reveal the results of the tonight's text to vote poll. we asked you what could the top pit fall in the democrat elections. 62% voted for the economy. 19% voted for health care. 17% for the tea party and 2% voted for other. thanks for the votes. we had more than 7,000 of them tonight. finally tonight, depending on the day, the news can be pretty heavy. sometimes it's a lot to take. but according to one show, that could mean big numbers for one visor. advertiser. >> people across the country afraid, terrified, running scared. afraid. >> frayed. >> freaked out. >> scared silly. >> frightened. >> a frightening reality out thereof. >> of the socialist. >> racist. >> toxic. >> anchor baby. >> flu season. >> death panels. >> why do you think so many news shows are sponsored by depends? [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and
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